Friday, December 9, 2016

Magic Leap's Magic is years away from reality?

Working on secret projects that drag on for years inevitably cause someone to accuse them of being "vaporware" - and now it is seems to be happening with Magic Leap.

Magic Leap has received billions of dollars, promising technology that looks straight out of science fiction movies, augmented reality images that look and feel almost like real-world images. But now it's being accused of cheating on consumers with false videos - which is kind of funny.

This is the video, that started all the hype last year:

Except that Magic Leap said right from the start that it was just a concept video of the things it would hope to achieve with its tech. Since then they unveiled a couple more videos, this time with no special effects, recorded right through its Magic Leap device, just like anyone would see it.

I can accept that the company is having a hard time miniaturizing this technology so that it can fit into some regular sized glasses, rather than a helmet like contraption like HoloLens; but dismissiing it entirely based on a "fake" concept video that has never been presented as being real... it sounds a but too much.

Besides, people that have had the chance to try it for themselves have been amazed by it: "Magic Leap is one of only a handful of genuine 'holy shit I can't believe I'm seeing this' moments I've had as an adult. Previous was iPhone" - says Benedict Evans.

Either way, it would be convenient for Magic Leap to give us a little more information on their plans for the future. Announcing a date for further details, even if just for 2018, would put some of these concerns in pause till then. Or else, we're bound to have more and more people lose their patience and start complaining about how it's all a sham...

Update: well, Magic Leap's CEO leaped in and says their devices are coming.

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