Monday, December 12, 2016

Users with iPhones and Macs are experiencing a new form of spam via calendar invites, and now Apple is finally doing something about it, adding a report junk option on

This new spamming technique is quite ingenious, with the added benefit of letting the victim with no easy way to fight it. Not only were you likely to receive the spam as a notification on your iPhone screen, you couldn't even get rid of it from your calendar without notifying the spammer that you declined the event (and letting him know you're a validated target). Indeed there are ways around it, but requiring you to create a new calendar, move the invites over, and then delete the calendar.

Now the process is simpler, as there's a new reporting option on the invites, allowing users to simply report it as junk.

Of course this wont' stop spammers from hitting you from multiple fake addresses (as they're doing), but at least it should help Apple flag them sooner, and prevent them from reaching as many potential victims as before. For now this option is only available on, but it's expected to reach the native apps in a future update.

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