Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Apple's AirPods finally on sale

Just yesterday we wrote about the missing AirPods and how Apple seemed to struggle with handling the audio synchronization between both earpieces... but it seems Apple has finally sorted it out, and the AirPods are now available.

If you don't mind paying $159 for two tiny wireless earpieces that free you from wires, then you might want to hurry up (well, not so much, Apple has already updated the estimated delivery to 4 weeks - meaning, you'll still miss the Christmas season anyway).

The AirPods come with a much easier pairing process that should make you forget the traditional bluetooth pairing; and its case also serves as a recharging pod that allows you to keep them going on and on for as long as you want. The AirPods alone should be good for 5h of music (2h talk time), and the reacharging case can extend that up to 24h of music or 11h of talk time. A single 15 minutes recharge session is enough for 3h of music.

... I wonder how many people would prefer having a wired "AirPod" version just so they don't risk losing them so easily... :)

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