Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Amazon is already using drones for deliveries in the UK... for 2 single customers

What began like a seemingly funny joke is becoming a reality far sooner than expected, as Amazon is already making deliveries via drones in the UK - though for now limited to only two customers serving as beta testers.

With Amazon Prime Air the company wants to have a completely automated line that ensures customers can get their products in as little time as possible. And that can already be seen in action in the UK for those two special Amazon clients. They can request the service just like it was an official service, any day of the week - though at the moment the drones can't fly at night nor in bad weather (no chance in ordering those last minute products during a thunderstorm).

As a glimpse of the things to come, the first commercial Amazon Prime Air delivery (a Fire TV stick and popcorns) was done in just 13 minutes!

This short time goes well beyond the sheer convenience of it; as it has the potential to completely change how we look at things. Currently, we buy and keep a lot of stuff in our drawers, just because "we may come to need it" and don't want to risk not having it if/when we do. It may not seem like much, but when you consider a billion people doing the same, we're talking about billions of things that had to be made, transported, stored, and eventually going to a landfill.

If all that and more suddenly becomes available in 10 or 15 minutes time, delivered right to our door... then there's no need to have it "just because". And that, will certainly have a big impact at lots of different levels, including all the possibilities of "crowdsharing" tools and other devices that are seldom used.

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