Thursday, December 15, 2016

Smartduvet self-making bed

No one likes to make their bed each and every day; now there's a a Kickstarter campaign promising to free us from that daily chore using an automated system that lets us make the bed with a simple touch on the smartphone.

This is not the first attempt at trying to use the technology to "make the bed", but unfortunately I have to confess Smartduvet's solution isn't quite as efficient as you'd expect.

Instead of the "miraculous" system you might be imagining, Smartduvet's system consists in an inflatable structure you place inside the duvet, and when your turn on the system, a fan and a series of tubes makes it spring into place. Actually, instead of making the bed as intended (stretching the sheets and tucking it nicely) it's more akin to simply throw the duvet over an unmade bed to hide it from sight.

Perhaps if they added an heating element to the fan, so you'd be able to dive in into a pre-heated bed they'd have a better chance at selling this concept. But as it stands, this is hardly the self-making bed most people are (still) looking for.

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