Monday, December 19, 2016

SPUD foldable display lets you carry a 24" monitor in your pocket

A long time ago I used to joke about the future imagining inflatable monitors you could fill up to the pretended size. Now, this SPUD reminds me of that, with a collapsible 24" display you can carry around anywhere.

This SPUD may not quite fit your pocket, but it's close enough.It's a fold-out display that actually consists of a projection screen and an integrated DLP pico-projector. The key part is the collapsible screen that allows it's 24" area to be folded down to the volume of a book - and its creators say it won't wrinkly even after multiple folding/unfolding operations.

The projector has a native resolution of 1280x720 pixels and runs for up to 4h in high brightness mode (785nits) suitable for bright environments, or up to 10h in normal mode (350nits) for dimly lit rooms.

The price of $399 is not exactly the cheapest, but if the project succeeds in delivering what it promises (particularly in the part of the screen resisting frequent folding) it seems to me that there will be a niche market that might find this concept attractive - more than the use of a regular pico-projector.

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