Monday, December 5, 2016

Uber app wants to track your location at all times

If you don't appreciate apps and services taking too many liberties when it comes to gathering data about you, you certainly won't like Uber's latest update, which wants to track you even if you're not using the app.

With the last update the app asks users to allow access to your location at all times, explaining that it does so in order to "improve the service" and promising to do so just for 5 minutes after your last ride. But the worst part is that it doesn't give users much choice, other than turning off location services entirely for the app.

Yes, we're able to deny location data to the Uber app, but in that case you also miss on much of the ease of use you've grown accustomed to - for instance, instead of just requesting a ride you'll need to enter your pick up address manually. So, you'll be forced to do so, or keep turning the location access on whenever you want to use the app and turn it off at the end of the ride... which isn't exactly the thing you'd expect to be doing in this day and age!

The thing is, iOS already has the perfect access mode that we'd consider acceptable for the Uber app (and most app using location services), which is the option to give location data access to the app just while we're using the app. So, it's a bit weird to see Uber stepping on its users' privacy by wanting to track them even while they're not using the app. I'm a big fan of Uber's service... but I can't say I appreciate much this latest update of the app.

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