Friday, December 2, 2016

Hoterway gives you a hot shower from the first second

The water we waste in the shower waiting for the hot water to arrive is something most people will dismiss as a fact of life, but it doesn't have to be like that, There's a new project that can fix this issue and provide hot water as soon as you start showering and, best of all, it doesn't require any extra energy source.

There are lots of complex solutions to have instant hot water on tap; but that's usually at the expense of high powered electric heating systems or recirculating water piping.

The proposed Hoterway system is a lot nicer ... starting with the fact that it can be easily installed, requires no wiring nor changes to your pipes, and doesn't need any extra power source to work. The system is identical to a shower column, but it has an internal thermal battery that accumulates the heat from the previous shower to heat the water during the initial phase of next shower.

The system can heat the water for about 80-90 seconds even if you took your last shower 24h before; and that should be more than enough for the new heated water to come through. At that point the thermal battery begins to store heat to use next time, but in the meantime you didn't wast gallons of water down the drain waiting for the temperature to be right.

It's a great idea, and you can support it in the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. If you're fast enough you can get it for just 379 euros (sadly, it's weight and volume requires about 59 euros for shipping; 129 for the US). But... just think of water you'll save - not to mention the time you save and added comfort of having instant hot water on the shower.

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