Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Apple finds bug causing battery life woes found by Consumer Reports

Apple has found out the culprit of the widely varying battery life tests done by Consumer Reports, which found the MacBook Pro to last as long as 19h and as litte as 4h in the exact same test.

We all know battery life isn't an exact science, but such disparate numbers are too far apart to be considered normal, which caused CR to "fail" the MacBook Pro until things were sorted out.

Apple looked into it, and it indeed found a bug in Safari that was causing the issue. However it's a bug that shouldn't affect existing users, as it was only triggered in some situations when you turn off Safari's cache - something a regular user shouldn't/wouldn't want to do. Some people have been criticizing Consumer Reports for doing so, but in their case it makes sense to do so in order to simulate the loading of "thousands" of web pages over and over again (if the cache was enabled, it wouldn't stress the system as much.)

Now all that matters if for Consumer Reports to publish its revised report and let us know how long the MacBook Pro last in their tests. I suspect it will be around the maximum from the previous tests, which would put them back into the "recommended" region they had been evicted from based in the previous "bugged test.

Update: just like I said... the new tests report battery life of up to 18.75 hours.

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