Friday, January 6, 2017

How to use 2 forks as a laptop stand and turn a pencil into a tablet stylus

It's amazing how you can put to good use everyday items in original ways. Today we see how we can create a laptop stand using nothing but two forks, as well as turn a pencil into a stylus.

Lots of laptop users have invested in a laptop stand to improve it's cooling capabilities, but should you need to keep your laptop cool and have no stand around... you need only place a couple of forks beneath it, to improve air circulation and achieve the same effect as much costlier solutions.

And, should the need arise to scribble or draw in your tablet or smartphone, you can also do without those tiny stylus and use a proper pencil to do it. In fact, it's an actual pencil that you need only file down a bit, so you can rest a finger in the graphite in order to be registered by the touchscreen.

There's an added tip in the following video, on how to turn a salad grabber into a blinds cleaner... but I imagine  you'll appreciate the above mentioned tips more. :)

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