Thursday, January 5, 2017

LG and Sony OLED TVs need no speakers

It's kind of sad to see manufacturers pushing for ever thinner TVs, and then forcing us to use boxes to take care of the cables, not to mention the speakers. But LG seems to have found away around it... by making the OLED screen the speaker.

LG has uneveiled a prototype of their "Crystal Sound" system, where you don't need no speakers to hear sound coming from the TV - and in this case, it's actually coming from the screen and not from speakers placed below it or next to it. This is possible because the OLED screen is so thin it can actually be used as a speaker membrane.

Sadly this LG TV is just a prototype, but worry not. Sony is just entering the OLED TV market (or should I say re-enter, considering they had one of the first OLED TVs on the market, back in the day when a 13" screen was insanely expensive) and they too have used a similar technique rebranded "Acoustic Surface".

My guess is that these systems won't replace a full fledged speaker system for people willing to buy a OLED screen, but it's quite ingenious nonetheless.

Oh, and I wouldn't mind that all my windows end up being transparent OLED screen either... :)

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