Monday, February 13, 2017

Google Maps gets private and public lists for places and locations

Tired of having to use an external app to keep track of places of interest? Well, you'll now be able to create and manage lists of places directly on Google Maps app.

If you have ever found yourself in the situation  where you wanted to create a list of places to recommend a friend when they come visit; or simply maintain a list of places you yourself would like to visit or keep track of, then you'll love Google Maps' new list feature.

You get 3 preset lists from the start: "Favorites", "Starred Places" and "Want to Go"; but you can create as many as you want, which you can keep private, or public, or share with the world via a simple link. If you happen to be a part of the Google Local Guides program and have a good ranking, chances are you might have add access to this feature for a while now; but starting today, it will become available for all Google Maps users on iOS and Android.

If you are surprised by the existence of two categories that seem to overlap "Favorites" and "Starred", the idea is that a starred place may not be an actual favorite, but just a place you want to keep handy for easy access, such as a Hospital or School.

Sadly enough, Google forgot the web aspect of it all. You can ssee shared lists, but you can't create location lists on the web, you need to do it in the app.

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