Friday, February 10, 2017

Tesla's frunk can be opened in under 5s using nothing but a screwdriver

If you own a Tesla Model S or Model X, beware of what you leave on the "frunk", as it can be opened quite easily in just a couple of seconds using nothing a but a screwdriver - and it's intended to be that way.

Thanks to its electric power train, Tesla's have an added trunk spack on the front of the vehicle (hence, the "frunk"). However, don't be fooled into leaving any valuable stuff inside it, as it's as safe as anything you'd leave out in the open. All it takes is a scredriver and just a couple of seconds, as you're able to see in the following video around the 11:20 mark.

So, is Tesla crazy by making thing easier for burglars and thieves to grab your valuables? Well... not quite. The thing is, in electric vehicles the manufacturer is required to provide a "easy" access to the electric high-voltage system, so emergency services can shut it down should such need arise. In the Teslas, that spot is placed under the frunk, and that's why there's an easy way in to reach it.

Tesla's only flaw is not informing its customers that they shouldn't use the frunk to store anything of value - although one can say the same thing applies to any other place of the vehicle... at least until Tesla offers an option for "bullet-proof" glass all around.

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