Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sony's new sensor can capture Full HD video at 960fps

Sony is one of the world's best image sensor manufacturers, and one of their upcoming image sensors will really be a game changer, by adding a DRAM layer directly to the sensor itself.

Typically, image sensors consist in a photo sensitive area, and then the circuitry that reads out those pixels and sends them to the device image processing unit. Sony says it found a way to add a DRAM layer right next to the pixels, opening up a new world of possibilities.

With this new sensor, we can capture Full HD video at 960fps(!), do 19.3MP full-frame readouts at 30fps, and allow a new generation of noise reduction and image stabilization algorithms to work its magic.

As an added benefit, rolling shutter distortions will become a lot less noticeable, as the increased sensor readout velocity will allow it to better "freeze" the image in place.

... So, how long till we have the first smartphones/cameras on the market with this new sensor?

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