Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Google's AI can enhance 8x8 pixel images

A few months ago we saw Google's super-resolution upscaling in action, but not it's taking thing even further, adding detail and making sense of even low resolution 8x8 pixel images.

A 8x8 pixel image is hardly enough to make sense of anything at all (it's actually quite smaller than the app icons you have on your smartphone) but that doesn't stop Google's A.I. from trying to put in some extra details, just like the "zoom, enhance" we're (not) so fond of watching on movies and TV series.

To be able to do it, it uses thousands or millions of reference images, and it then tries to recreate a enhanced image of what it could be.

Keep in mind that the results are mere "hypothesis" and can result in very weird - as in, not real - results. Even so, it often comes up with surprisingly accurate images that can point us in the right direction to what the low resolution image could be.

Now... I'll just wait for the next improvement, and see how it fares enhancing a single 1x1 pixel image. :)

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