Friday, February 24, 2017

Google's Gboard keyboard for iOS gets voice transcription

Google's keyboard for iOS was missing a nifty feature that you have on Android for a long time, but they finally found a way to bring it to its competitor's platform: voice recognition.

iPhone users have spent a (very) long time waiting for the chance to use a different system keyboard, but since Apple allowed 3rd party keyboards there's no shortage of them, and even Google has launched a iOS version of their official Gboard keyboard, which now becomes even better.

Google's Gboard for iOS gets supporte for 15 new languages, iOS 10 new emoji, Google Doodle's, but even more important: it now has voice recognition/transcription.

Voice transcription has been available on iOS official keyboard for some time, but the problem is that Apple doesn't allow 3rd party keyboards to access the microphone. So, Google had to find a workaround, and the way it works is, when you long press the space key, you're taken to the Gboard app, where it can access the microphone and work its voice transcription magic, and then push you back to where you were.

Sure, it's not as streamlined has Apple's own keyboard transcription experience, but if you're a fan of the Gboard keyboard but missed voice transcription then there's one less reason for you to go back to Apple's original keyboard.

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