Thursday, February 23, 2017

Portugal would receive Tesla's Gigafactory with open arms

It's still nothing but wishful thinking, but a Facebook group with over 70k people is hoping Elon Musk can consider Portugal as a viable place for the planned Europen Gigafactory.

Portugal is a strategic place in more ways than one, not only geographically, but with infrastructures and know-how as well. Our location makes us the perfect port of call for all things incoming and outgoing for Europe, and we're a country with excellent solar exposure and a high percentage of renewable energy production. Just last year we had a run where, for a few days, our entire energy consumption was provided by renewable energy alone.

We also have highly skilled and capable individuals (it's no secret the rest of the European countries is constantly hunting down our professionals and students)... and we have some of the lowest wages in Europe... so, we're "good and cheap".

There's lots more, as this Facebook group shows in a video that they hope Elon Musk will watch.

Elon, if you're watching this, just know that you'd be more than welcomed to plant your Gigafactory in Portugal. :)

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