Thursday, March 30, 2017

8 things about the new Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung has finally presented its Galaxy S8 to the world, and here the eight things it decided to focus on.


If you thought the Galaxy S7 to be pretty, just you wait till you have a S8 in your hands. It has an even better quality, and its nearly bezel-less "Infity Screen" puts it on a league of its own.

Enhanced interface

With the larger screen the S8 ditches the physical home button, and that means relying on the virtual Android buttons that so many devices have been using for years. However, Samsung adds a nifty trick, as it can detect pressure and allows you to click on the home button even when the button is hidden from sight, as long as you press it hard enough.

Infinity Display

Get ready to hear people talk about the Galaxy S8 "Infinity Display" to death. It's simply amazing, and puts us a step close to a truly bezel-less smartphone all around. It also comes with HDR support and Gorilla Glass 5 - which will certainly be put to the test very, very soon.


If you expected Samsung to shine once again with a new sensor, think again. The S8 comes with the same camera sensor as last year's S7. That's not so bad considering the S7 had an amazing camera; and the S8 improves on that with enhanced software and even faster operation.


To face Siri and Google Assistant Samsung presents us Bixby (it even goes as far to give it a dedicated hardware button, just so you know how serious they are about it). However, it won't have a easy task proving itself to users... and the fact that will require developers to add explicit support to make the most out of it makes it a bit hard to gauge its chances of success.

Samsung DeX

Ever wished you could use your smartphone as a PC, that's what Samsung's DeX is all about.


A new face recognition system, iris recognition, fingerprints... the S8 has it all. The face recognition supposedly works great, and can offset the annoyance of having the fingerprint sensor moved to the back of the device, as you can unlock it securely by simply being in front of the device.

Samsung Connect

Samsung's SmartThings acquisition seems to be kicking into high gear, and the S8 comes with the Connect App that will allow you to control all SmartThings compatible smart devices.

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