Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Google adds Gboard keyboard to its main iOS app

Looks like Google wasn't happy with the adoption rate of its Gboard keyboard on iOS, and so it tries a different tactic: pushing it via its main Google search app.

Google's Gboard keyboard is now included in Google's app for iOS, which will make it a lot more likely for users to try it out - and they should, as it's quite a clever and useful keyboard, with multiple language support, emoji and GIF search, voice transcription, glide writing, and instant Google searches.

Besides that, the updated Google app also comes with a "Trending on Google" latest news widget that users can add to their widget panels on iOS; or alternatively, using 3D Touch on the app icon, which also provides access to the widget as well as a range of shortcuts for voice search, image search, go incognito, or Quick Search that is supposed to save you time and take you directly to the search box.

There's no denying Google is trying its best to make users as pleased as possible... even if they're using its main competitor's platform and devices. :)

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