Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Samsung will sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7's after all

Looks like the Galaxy Note 7 episode ir far from over, and Samsung backtracks and says it will sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7 devices with fixed batteries.

The recall of the explosive Galaxy Note 7 was quite embarrassing (and costly), but it also prompted many questions about the plans Samsung had for those millions of recalled units; as simply throwing them out would be an environmental "crime".

At first Samsung said it had no plans to resell the Note 7 as refurbished units, but it has now changed its mind and considers that option - not in the US, but in markets were the refurbished units may be considered safe to use. Keep in mind that this might cause a lot of confusion, as the Galaxy Note 7 is banned from flights and may face lots of other restrictions in different markets. So, the best way for Samsung to handle it may be to simple rename the refurbished units and sell them under a different model name.

In any case, there's also another factor to be considered. Samsung will unveil their new Galaxy S8 tomorrow, and I don't think it's likely for anyone to spend many hundreds of dollars on a Note 7 when they can buy a Galaxy S8 for a similar amount (or just slightly more). That is... unless Samsung is willing to sell the Note 7 at a heavily reduced price, in which case it might end up being an amazing deal... and robbing customers from potentially buying the new S8.

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