Monday, March 27, 2017

Deep Photo Styletransfer copies a photo style into another

We already know we can't believe everything we see, and this Deep Photo Styletransfer is just one more reason for that, as it can create amazing realistic images that simply aren't real - though are based on real ones.

The Deep Photo Styletransfer takes a photo and then creates a new one based on the style of a second photo. It's resultas are truly amazing, allowing you to snap a photo of a house during the day, but turning it into night by giving a night photo as reference.

Likewise, a green forest can become golden by giving it an Autumn shot as example (or vice-versa); and you can even change a room decoration by using a different styled room photo. The possibilites are endless, and it's amazing that this system works without introducing any apparent artifacts that would help detect its a fake photo.

For sure this will soon become one of those tools all photo edition programs will have; but for now I'd settle with someone implementing this as an app so we could play around with it. Just be ready to put your memory in check... as you might start having additional trouble remembering things: "but I though that photo was taken during the day... but now it shows as night..."

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