Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Apple launches new (cheaper) iPad, red iPhones and double the iPhone SE's storage

We all knew new iPads were coming, but Apple took this opportunity to simplify it's entire iPad line and make it even cheaper; while at the same time giving us (RED) iPhones and doubling the SE storage.

Instead of making customer's minds hurt with an assortment of iPad models, Apple has cleared it all. We no longer have iPad Airs, but just a single, straight, iPad. The design is similar to the previous versions, but we get an improved A9 CPU, double the storage capacity (32 and 128GB) and a brighter screen; though the cameras remain untouched (1.2MP and 8MP).

The best part is that the iPad now starts at just $329, making it even cheaper than the iPad Mini 4 ($399 - now that it only has a 128GB version).

The iPhone also have a subtle (or not so subtle) refresh. We'll be ablet to get (RED) iPhones which are literally bright red. And let me confess that I'd be seriously tempted to get one - though I'd prefer the front to be black instead of white (though let's hope that will be fixed on the next iPhone with a a "full-screen front".

And last but not least, the tony but trustful iPhone SE receives a welcomed storage update that double its capacity with no price change. That means that you get a 32GB iPhone SE for $399 and 128GB for $499. This is actually quite significant, as it means you can actually get a usable iPhone for just $399 - while before you "had" to shell out for the larger capacity one, as 16GB simply don't cut it for most users.

That's a nice batch of updates to keep things going till this year's iPhones are unveiled.

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