Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Google Maps gets real time location sharing

Fans of the old Google Latitute rejoice; Google Maps is about to have real time location sharing just like we wished for so long.

Sharing our location with friends as we're heading to a meeting point it one of the most common things we wished we could do (and that we can do, using Waze or other apps), and it will finally be possible in Google Maps as well.

This new real time location sharing option in Google Maps allows us to share our location with whoever we want, either for a limited time (15 minutes up to 3 days) or permanently (until we turn it off ourselves), so that they can see where we are on the map. You can also share your navigation as you're heading to a place, so that they can see you ETA, and in that case the sharing will stop automatically when you arrive.

This feature will arrive on Google Maps for iOS and Android over the coming weeks; and in the Android version you'll even be able to create shortcuts on the home screen that take you to the location of specific persons (like close friends or family members).

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