Thursday, March 23, 2017

Apple buys Workflow and turns it free

The Workflow app is one of those tools every power user should have, and Apple seems to finally caught up with its potential, buying the small group of developers behind it.

Workflow can be described as a sort of Android's powerful Tasker automation tool, but with a simpler, more IFTTT like interface, making it more accessible to casual users. With it we can create things as simples as converting a video to a GIF, to things as complex as your mind can imagine.

Now that it has been acquired by Apple we're that awkward place between an excellent news for the developer team... and the risk of seeing Apple shut down this amazing app and leave users out in the cold. Thankfully it doesn't seem that's what Apple wants, as it now only allowed Workflow to remain in the App Store, it turn the app free.

Now we just have to wait and see how this acquisition may help shape up iOS in the future. Maybe there's some Siri+Workflow brewing, that will allow Siri to create complex scripts based on what we ask it to do.

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