Friday, March 3, 2017

Oculus Rift and Touch get the much needed price cut

Oculus/Facebook has finally adjusted the price of the Rift set and Touch Controllers, shaving a hefty $100 from each.

The price of Oculus Rift ($599) has been a strongly contested point right from the start (there had been insinuations it would be closer to $399) and things only got worse with the arrival of the much needed Touch Controllers at $199! Now, things get back into more palatable realms with a substancial price reduction: the Rift now costs $499 and the Touch drops to $99.

This means that should you buy a Rift+Touch set, you'll be able to get one for $599 instead of the $798 you'd had to pay till now. And even the sensors get a discount, nos costing just $59 to improve coverage for wider movement range.

This doesn't mean VR is now inexpensive, but it brings the cost of it closer to what people are already willing to pay for a high-end force-feedback driving wheel or other high-end peripherals. So, it should definitely help in promoting the Rift a bit. Oculus didn't even fail to mention you can enjoy Epic Games's Robo Recall for free - a Rift exclusive.

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