Monday, April 3, 2017

Amazon Cash let's you shop without a bank card

Buying stuff on Amazon is one of the most simple things ever... provided you have a debit or credit card associated with your account. Now, Amazon wants to open its doors to those who may not have one (or don't want to use it) by allowing you to top off your account using cash.

Should it have been announced just a couple days earlier, we'd might be fooled it was just a April's fool prank; but Amazon doesn't play around with money-making things, so this Amazon Cash is for real and it hopes to make life easier to all those potential customers that struggled to find a way to pay for their Amazon shopping.

With Amazon Cash you get a barcode that you can use at a number of retailers to transfer money to your Amazon account. You need only show the barcode to the cashier and say how much cash you want to transfer. The cashier scans the code (which can be on your smartphone or printed on paper) and you pay the amount in cash, no cards required.

Sure you could already use Gift Cards to top off your Amazon account, or use a prepaid card, but there's no such thing as having too many option to pay for things, and I'm sure there will be those that find this new Amazon Cash method to be quite handy for them.

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