Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Google WiFi gets scheduled no-internet breaks

Are you tired of your kids or other family members being glued to their smartphones and tablets? Google WiFi gets a nice new feature that may help with that, allowing you to shut down the internet during specific times for specific devices.

We're so used to have the internet available 24/7 that we don't even think there's life without "the net". Now Google WiFi reminds us of that with its no-internet schedules that you might use to ensure your dinner time is used with people looking and talking at each other instead of their phones; as well even help you prevent that a "quick email check" as you're about to go to bed might turn into an hours-long session of Facebook or YouTube browsing.

With the Google WiFi app you can easily create multiple schedules and give them appropriate names, like "homework time for Jennifer", "dinner time", "bed time", and so on, that you can attribute to whatever devices you want, and that may help get an handle on any suspected case of internet addiction before it gets too serious.

Some router already have similar tools, but the Google WiFi app management makes using this much easier and quicker to setup or edit whenever needed.

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