Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Huawei CEO is not a fan of smartwatches

Huawei may have some of the best smartwatches on the market but, curiously enough, its CEO can't understand why people would want one.

Huawei has recently launched its second generation line of smarwatches (though I still prefer the previous model - the one in the picture above - that can now be found, new, at half its original price, making it a real bargain) but you probably will never see one in Huawei CEO's wrists.

Eric Xu Zhijun has no trouble in sharing his views about smartwatches, and doesn't get it why people would want one if they have their smartphones right there. Truth be told, I too feel a bit like him, though I can easily find numerous scenarios where a smartwatch can be quite helpful/useful, which makes me a little less gloomy about smartwatches' futures.

I think that all that is needed is, above all, for smartwatches to get a much improved battery life (at least a week of real world usage) and more affordable Android Wear Watches, that have been hovering the $200 entry point and would fare a lot better should we have a $99 Android Wear smartwatch on the market - no matter how basic it would be.

Maybe Huawei could try that out and maybe make its own CEO change his mind?... :)

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