Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Google desperately wants LG OLEDs for its next Pixel smartphone

It isn't just Apple that wants to reduce its reliance on Samsung, Google also hopes to enhance its odds of getting curved OLED displays for its next flagship phone, and is betting big on LG Display to do it.

Currently, Samsung Display is the OLED display manufacturer for mobile devices, with no other manufacturer coming close - though many are working on it as fast as they can. This is kind of funny, because when we're talking about large screen displays, for TVs and such, Samsung is severely lagging behind LG (and LG is lagging on the smaller OLED displays).

Whatever the case, it seems Google doesn't want to go head to head and compete with Apple's insane order for Samsung's OLED screens for its new iPhone, and chooses to follow a different route: Google will invest nearly a billion dollars on LG Display. This isn't an actual screen order, but will surely help LG Display ramp up it's mobile OLED display production and place Google as a preferencial customer whenever they place their order.

The thing is, these sort of things take time, and should Google want to launch a new Pixel by September that can compete with the nearly "full-display" LG G6 and Galaxy S8, there's not much time to get things going - and that's not even considering what Apple's new iPhone will bring into the mix.

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