Monday, April 10, 2017

Samsung is working on 32:9 monitors

If you're a fan of ultra-wide screens you'll be pleased to know Samsung is working on even ultra-wider displays, going as wide as 32:9.

The 16:9 aspect ratio has become the norm and all but made us forget about the days of the 4:3 CRT tubes. Nevertheless there have been some attempts at going even wider with a more cinematic 21:9 ultra-wide screens. Now, Samsung seems to be working on new screens that go even wider, including a 49" display with 3840x1080 pixels, that is basically the equivalent of having two Full HD monitors side by side.

This DFHD (Double Full HD) screen will probably eclipse the current 2560x1080 screens, as it will be everything dual-screen users have ever hoped for. Besides, this 32:9 curved screen can also support up to 144Hz refresh rates, meaning gamers will also make a line at the door to get one. And not even the fact that it uses a VA LCD panel may work against it, as Samsung says these new panels have a much higher contrast than current VA panels.

For those that want to go the extra mile and add some extra vertical space, there will also be a 44" 3840x1200 pixel screen, equivalente to two 24.7" 1920x1200 screens side by side. This monitor will also have 144Hz variants, so... you better start saving right away, as Samsung should begin production by September.

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