Thursday, April 20, 2017

iPhone 8 leak shows Touch ID on the back

Apple fans that made fun of Samsung for being forced to place the fingerprint sensor on the back of the Galaxy S8 may have to prepare for a similar backlash, as a leaked specification design sheet shows a similar setup for this year's high-end iPhone.

The image was leaked by Sonny Dickson who has a good track record on this sort of things, and shows some nice details about the potential future iPhone. The design seems to be inspired by the iPhone 5/SE, though with a complete metal back (no glass windows for RF signals), and that also leads credence to the new vertical orientation of the dual camera on the back - it makes more sense considering you take pictures with the iPhone horizontally most of the time, and that would allow for a better 3D processing (just consider how our own eyes are separated horizontally, not vertically. :)

As for its size, this leaked design reveals an iPhone that stays right in the middle of the current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus - but we need to consider that its screen will be practically bezel-less, which means it may end up having a screen larger that the iPhone 7 Plus.

Now for the tricky part... to have such screen Apple won't be able to have a Touch ID sensor - in its current form - on the front of the device. Apple is supposedly working hard to have a sensor that can be placed behind the OLED screen, allowing users to place their fingers right on the screen; but it seems that technology is proving to be harder to get right than previously thought - which forced Samsung to simply move the sensor to the back. And, seemingly, Apple is considering such an option as well, though that would be seen as a big fail...

Nevertheless, it is known that Apple is still considering several iPhone designs, and more likely than not, this one is just a "backup" model they can backtrack to should their real intentions prove to be unfeasible to complete in the current time frame. Fans are hoping for a real special iPhone to mark this year's 10th iPhone anniversary - let's hope Apple won't let anyone down.

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