Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Amazon unveils Echo Show and Alexa Calling

Amazon continues to expand its "Echo" family of devices, and we now get a new Echo Show which arrives on time to make the most out of the new Alexa Calling service.

After launching an Echo that listened and talked to us, and recently introducing a Echo Look with the ability to see us, we now have the Echo Show equipped with a 7 "touchscreen that can show us things. Amazon is simply moving in the direction some already imagines, where devices with digital assistants will adopt countless formats and spread around our homes depending on what is intended.

No less interesting is that Amazon also announced the new Alexa Calling service. A service that allows you to "call" or exchange messages for free between Echo devices (and smartphones with the Alexa app), including videocalls in this new Echo Show, with a peculiar detail: users can allow video streaming to starts immediately even without answering the call. Meaning, if you call a friend's house, you can instantly see what's going on at their house, even before they pick up.

This "Drop In" feature may seem like a voyeur's dream, but the idea is to be used only for the closest contacts, and allowing things like seeing what goes on in a baby's room, or at our family's elderly members, etc.

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