Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Portuguese Cup soccer ball delivered via flying man on hoverboard

The Portuguese Football Federation had a surprise to those attending the final of the Portuguese Cup at the Jamor Stadium, using a "flying postman" riding on a drone platform to deliver the ball.

The dream of flying hoverboards like those seen on Back to the Future remains far from becoming a reality, but there are some crazy guys out there willing to put their lives on the line riding a flying platform full of propellers. In this case we're talking about Aleandre Duru, a young Canadian that is already well known in this field: in 2015 he set the world record for the longest flight on a flying board.

Before thinking about using something similar to fly to work and escape traffic, it should be noted that this board with 10 motors and propellers has the capacity to fly more than 100 meters in height... but its batteries last for only 270 seconds... definitely not the vehicle for those suffering from battery range anxiety!

His flight at Jamor reached almost 10 meters high, and allowed the capture of these spectacular images:

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