Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Windows 10 arrives on ARM - for real this time

After the failed attempt of having Windows on ARM devices made with the defunct Windows RT, Microsoft gives it another go, but this time having a full Windows 10 running on the latest Snapdragon 835.

Microsoft wants to eliminate the advantage that competitors like Google have enjoyed so far by having lower cost and more efficient Chrome OS devices equipped with ARM CPUs, and this time it will not make the same mistakes it made with Windows RT. Instead of having a system that was "looked liked Windows, but wasn't really Windows", this time we have a complete Windows 10 running on ARM, capable of doing anything any other Windows 10 PC does - including the ability to run x86 programs.

The Snapdragon 835 is the first CPU to support the Qualcomm Always Connected PC, meaning there's nothing stop manufacturers from assembling smartphones capable of running (the complete) Windows  10.

This will also allow us to better compare things that until now weren't directly comparable. Sure we can run benchmarks on ARM devices and x86 CPUs, but that doesn't help much. If, on the other hand, you can have Windows 10 running on both devices, then you'll be able to do it: by seeing on long your smartphone/tablet takes doing some stuff and compare it to a Intel device with a Atom, or Core CPU.

And regardless of all the attempts that have tried to turn a smartphone into a desktop PC when connected to a monitor and keyboard ... with these Always Connected PC you'll finally be able to do it, with no tricks (emulation, virtualization, etc.) involved: we'll have a complete Windows 10 running on a smartphone.

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