Wednesday, June 28, 2017

iOS 11 hints at Touch ID on the screen?

Much has been said about the possibility of the iPhone 8 coming with the Touch ID sensor integrated into the screen (or beneath it), and looking at the latest iOS 11 ... things seem to be definitely going in that direction.

The beta version of iOS 11 was recently made available to all users, and one of the many changes shows on the app purchase screen. On iOS 10, after clicking the buy button, a popup window appears in the middle of the screen asking for confirmation of the purchase, which may require entering a PIN code or simply placing your finger on the Touch ID sensor. On iOS 11, the process is identical, but instead of the window in the middle of the screen, the confirmation request now appears on a sliding panel on the bottom of the screen, leaving a Touch ID logo right where you'd expect to find a sensor placed under the screen.

Of course, this alone is no guarantee that this will happen, and may be just a visual representation prompting the Touch ID validation - as it will occur on all current iPhones, where users will continue to place The finger on the physical sensor off the screen. But, it is a curious detail that would surely fall in line with what you'd expect for a Touch ID enabled screen.

Fingerprint sensors on the screens will definitely arrive. The big question is just knowing "when" and who will be the first manufacturer to bring to market a smartphone with this technology.

Update: Qualcomm has just unveiled its under-display fingerprint sensors, but says products using it will arrive only next Summer.

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