Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Amazon Echo can now be used as as intercom

Amazon wants to make its Echo line even more useful and appealing, and users can now use it as an intercom ... even when away from home.

Amazon fans have even more reason to add an Echo or Echo Dot to every room in their homes, as they can not only serve as a gateway to Alexa and all that it can do, but also use them as intercommunication devices, or simply "drop in" and listen to what's happening.

To do so, Echo and Echo Dot must be assigned their own unique names, and have the drop-in option enabled. Afterwards, just ask Alexa something like "Alexa call the kitchen" or "Alexa drop in on the Living room". For those with Echo devices spread around their homes, it will be the easiest way to reach every family member without shouting; as well as providing an extra way to talk to your family when you're away, even if they don't have their smartphone around (also, might be handy for older  folks not to keen on using smartphones). Using an Echo Show, you could even see what's happening...

Let's see how Google responds (or not) with its oogle Home, and Apple with the HomePod.

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