Tuesday, June 20, 2017

OnePlus 5 comes with 6/8GB RAM starting at €499

Here's the latest smartphone from OnePlus, which elevates its hardware specs - and price - to new heights.

The presentation of OnePlus 5 did not reveal anything surprising since many of its details had previously been revealed by leaks or information given by OnePlus itself. The OnePlus 5 comes with a 5.5 "AMOLED Full HD screen, 835 Snapdragon CPU, 6 / 8GB RAM, 64 / 128GB flash, dual 16MP and 20MP rear camera (one with a wide-angle lens, the other with a telephoto lens ), 16MP front camera, and 3300mAh battery.

There are improvements inside like dual-lance flash memory access for faster performance, and 8GB of RAM, which could be dismissed as being "too much" but seems to have a positive effect in making it one of the fastest Android devices ever (the question remains whether such would not be possible even on smartphones with "only" 3 or 4GB if properly optimized). Unfortunately, OnePlus opted for the ridiculous tactic of cheating on benchmarks, which will blemish any and all reports about it.

As for the camera, it will be nice to see if this OnePlus 5 will be able to stand out from the others, as it intended. The first impressions say results are not that impressive and there's (much) work to be done to properly simulate the shallow depth of field effect. But we'll have to wait until we get ours to check it out.

Prices, as feared, rise to new levels, with the 6GB / 64GB version costing 499 euros; and the 8GB / 128GB rising to 559 euros (should you be thinking about spending 500 euros on it, do go the extra bit and get the 559 euro version). The big question is whether it will be able to conquer a market that is becoming more and more fascinated by smartphones "without borders" like the S8, which makes this OnePlus 5 look rather... dull.

Sales on OnePlus's website open on June 27 but you can get yours today using the code "Clearer Photos". You can also get €20 off on accessories and gear.

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