Monday, June 19, 2017

The Museum of Failed Gadgets

We live in a world fascinated by gadgets and other devices... but we often forget, that for every successful gadget, many others were failures; and in Sweden there is a museum dedicated to preserve those historic failures.

Some great failures are known by all, others not so much. In this Museum of Failure all failed gadgets and products have a place; not only for failures of decades past, but also for some very recent ones as well, including things like the fabled Google Glass, which was presented as the next big thing in human evolution... but fell into an embarrassed oblivion ...

On the Apple side we also have several entries, such as their game/multimedia console Pippin, or even the Apple Newton ... which may have been a failure at the time but would serve as an inspiration for what in the future would become the iPhone and the iPad, as soon as technology was available to turn a dream into practical reality. From LEGO we have their infamous fiber optic kits, where its LEDs and fibers cost more to LEGO than the actual selling price of the entire kit.

Then we have some real aberrations, like the limited-use DivX DVDs, which began to degrade after being opened opened. Anyway ... it serves to remind us that the world doesn't live on successes alone. :)

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