Monday, July 24, 2017

iPhone 8 final design

After the images of several different versions of the iPhone 8 circulating around the web, it seems that we finally have a winning design, and it won't disappoint.

Apparently, Apple will follow through with the design that will bring us an iPhone 8 with near bezel-less screen, with the small cutout at the top of the screen becoming nearly unnoticeable when used to show status information on both sides of the cutout (where the earpiece, sensors and front camera will be placed).That notifications section might be completely revamped and moved to the bottom of the screen, becoming more accessible and making use of the reclaimed space once "wasted" on the physical home button.

Even so, we'll still be having very visible bezels, especially when compared to models like the Galaxy S8; but, on the other hand, it might also help the iPhone 8 screen to better resist the unavoidable drops onto the floor. Even with these bezels, the end result is quite appealing, and right on the mark for what one would expect for a 10th anniversary iPhone.

It remains to be seen how Apple will handle the Touch ID. We'd all live to see it placed directly on the screen - something that apparently Apple has already managed to achieve, the problem being scaling up production in time to fulfill the millions of units needed for launch. So, some say Apple might be forced to resort to a Touch ID sensor on a larger power button on the side, like Sony and some other devices use. The thing is, Apple is fond of making the iPhone ever thinner, and I guess this iPhone, with OLED screen and all, will probably be even thinner... so... we'll have to wait and see if that's a viable option.

What will certainly not be thinned down is its price, now expected to start around $1100 or even higher. But even at this price point, it's not hard to imagine that this will be the preferred model for this year... and most people will probably have wait weeks or months to get one.

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