Friday, August 11, 2017

iPhone 8 and 7S unveiled in photos and video

It's hard to keep secrets when production ramps up to full gear, and that's precisely what happened once again to the upcoming series of iPhones: the iPhone 7S, 7S Plus, and the much awaited iPhone 8 (or iPhone Pro?)

Assuming these photos are real, there quite a few tidbits of info we can infer. For instance, the fact that the iPhone 8 is there, seems to give credibility to the report that the iPhone 8 won't have a delayed launch (though it might have very limited availability at launch). Also, we won't have to worry about a Touch ID sensor on the back (phew!) though it remains to be seen if Apple will rely solely on a new "Face ID" face recognition tech for (continuous) authentication or it will surprise us all with a Touch ID sensor on the screen itself (something that was expected, but that recent reports said wasn't happening, as the tech wasn't ready in time for launch).

The glass back also allows for wireless charging, though the wireless charger will have to be bought separately (or, let's hope it is Qi compatible, so we can use existing chargers). And, we also see that Apple kept the 7S Plus camera in the same orientation as last year's 7 Plus, though it changed it to "one over the other" on the iPhone 8.

We'll know for sure next month. :)

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