Thursday, August 10, 2017

Full HD WiFi action cam for $15.99

Not to keen on spending hundreds of dollars on an action cam that you'll put in some risky situations? Well, how about spending much less, so you won't have much to worry about, as you'll be able to do with the camera I bring you today.

There are countless action cameras costing upward of $100 or even $200, and although the extra image quality and features might be worth it for some, for lots others - or, for particular risky situations where you don't want to risk destroying your valuable action cam - a much cheaper alternative might the best option, like this Full HD WiFi action cam.

Using the LSRFSP discount code you can get it for just $15.99.

But wait, there's more. You also get a waterproof case for underwater recordings, and lots of mounts and fixation gear - that, alone, would probably cost more than the entire package.

... You can even consider you're buying the camera accessories, and getting the camera for free :)

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