Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Google will let sites know if they have annoying ads

Google finally got tired (or afraid?) that an increasing number of users felt they had o resort to adblockers to deal with annoying sites, and is now taking matters into its own hands.

A few months from now, Google's Chrome will start to block annoying ads by default, which represents a major shift from the way things have been ever since Chrome was first created. Until now, users were free to use adblockers, but they had to install it themselves (not to mention they had to know that such a thing exists, figure out which might work best, and so on). This didn't worry Google much, as most people didn't bother using it...

But things changed, to the point that there are many more users using adblockers to get rid of intrusive and annoying ads, and each of those users is one less user that sees not so annoying ads, like the ones Google sells. Hence them trying to leap ahead of the problem and control the ablocking market, by including an adblocker in Chrome... one they can control as they please.

Google says Chrome's default ad-blocker will only block annoying ads, the ones that drive people to install ad-blockers. And, to give those sites a heads' up, it will start notifying them if they've been considered to be annoying - so they know what's coming if they don't make the necessary changes.

... Though some users will keep using 3rd party adblockers to get rid of all the ads, for most users, getting rid of just the annoying ones will probably be enough... At least, that's what Google is counting on!

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