Monday, August 7, 2017

Tesla S 100D goes over 1000km on a single charge

Back in June a couple of Belgians were able to push a Tesla Model S for over 900km, now, the Italians went even further, rolling for 1078km without recharging (that's 669.8 miles for you folks missing the metric system. ;P)

Going over 900km was already good enough, but the fact that Elon Musk tweeted about being possible to reach 1000km with the right set of tires meant that record was doomed to be short lived, and in fact it was.  The Tesla Owners Italia club put the pedal to the metal (figuratively speaking) and were able to push a S 100D over a record breaking 1000km - a first for a production electric car - more precisely: 1078km.

There was no change to the vehicle other than using low-resistance tires anyone can buy, and after 29 hours of driving without the benefit of A/C, five drivers got it to reach that amazing milestone.

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