Monday, December 11, 2017

Apple secretly slows down iPhones with older batteries

If you have an iPhone 6 or 6S and get the feeling that your iPhone has been slower than normal... it may not be just a sensation, but rather a very real phenomena caused by a "fix" Apple has deployed to prevents problems with worn out batteries.

Last year reports began to pop up - in increasing numbers - of iPhone 6S shutting down or rebooting for no apparent reason, prompting Apple to launch a free battery exchange program. Initially Apple said the problem was limited to a very small number of devices, but later it was forced to admit that the problem affected a larger number than it thought, and that it would launch an update that would correct the problem (iOS 10.2. 1) - what they did not say is that this correction was done by slowing down the iPhone based on the battery age.

Several users have been amazed to see that their iPhones 6 and 6S performance has almost halved since being bought (in one report, an iPhone 6 Plus got just 829/1377 on Geekbench instead of the expected 1471/2476) and that these results are proven by other applications that show the speed of the iPhone being lower than it should, such as the DasherX CPU.

I raced to check it on my own 18-months old iPhone SE (after complaining to friends, for the past months, that it was becoming much slower than it used to) and there it was...on AnTuTu it got only 99k points instead of the 125k it should get.

The theory is that, instead of admitting a large-scale problem with batteries, which would require the exchange of millions of batteries (and subject them to the same level of ridicule after Samsung's Note 7 fiasco last year) Apple opted for this covert tactic, in which the performance of the iPhone would gradually degrade in order to keep up with the age of the battery - something that is already doing on the MacBooks.

The good part in this situation is that, by replacing the battery with a new one, your iPhone should return to its full speed. But, it really is a very devious move Apple should not have resorted too...

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