Monday, January 15, 2018

Find your secret "art clone" with Google's Art & Culture app

Ever wondered if you might have a secret "clone" in some painting hanging in a museum somewhere around the world? Well, Google has made it easier to find out, by allowing you to snap a selfie and see the best match you can get.

Google has spent years digitizing artworks around the globe, that we can enjoy and explore via the Google Arts & Culture app and site. But, I suspect it will face its major boom thanks to a seemingly insignificant feature that is going viral: allowing anyone (USA-only for now) to upload a selfie and check the best matching artwork in Google's catalog.

Some of the results are amazingly close; but there's no shortage of not so pretty results either - so, be sure not to expect too much on your first try.

[well, sure enough, it warned it was only a 32% match]

... It's also a nice way for Google to add a few million selfies to their datasets...  ;)

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