Thursday, December 20, 2018

Woman tries to fill up Tesla Model S at gas station

While lots of people dream of having an electric car in order to say goodbye to gas stations, for a particular lady it became the place that got her to be a world wide sensation and garner her two minutes of internet fame.

A Tesla Model S lady driver spent a couple of minutes trying to figure out where the heck she should insert the fuel nozzle - up to the point of trying to see if it "fit" the charging port (it definitely would have been a good test, seeing how the card would handle a gasoline stream aimed directly at the charging port... especially if she proceeded to actually connect a charging cable promptly after!)

Well, I shouldn't laugh too hard, as I still regrettably remember the day, many years ago, where I fueled up a diesel car with gasoline, and only noticed when the price kept going up and up (gas was way more expensive than diesel back then). Which ended up being a very costly mistake, among the wasted gas, paying for a mechanic to empty the tank, and filling it up again, with the correct fuel.

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