Tuesday, December 18, 2018

YouTuber pranks package thieves with glitter bomb

"Engineer-turned-YouTuber" Mark Rober decided to go overboard to get some payback for the stolen Amazon left at his door, creating a fake package that threw glitter all over the place and streamed the event... among other things.

One of the things international folks think is weird in the US, is that delivery services simply leave packages at the door. Well, as we can see, that's really not safe... and there's nothing worse than checking your security cameras and see someone simply strolling along, pick up the package at your door, and go on on their merry way.

When the police told him they couldn't do nothing about it (really?) Mark decided to take matters into his own hands and devise a contraption that looked like an appealing HomePod box on the outside, but had a spinner that could throw glitter all over the place when it was opened and had smartphones to stream the results back to him. But to increase the chances of retrieval, the device also had a fart bomb that would be sprayed every few seconds, hoping it would prompt the thief to throw it away before noticing the hidden cameras.

The results are amazing... though that won't make up for all the stolen packages. As we can see, it seems there are lots of people that are making an habit of picking up any package left unattended.

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