Tuesday, November 13, 2007

UFO incident - Arizona Governor wants answers from the Air Force

There is no doubt that UFO's do exist.
UFO is probably the world's most famous acronym, meaning Unidentified Flying Object. So, whenever you look up to the sky and see something unidentified, you're looking at an UFO.
This is not to say that we're talking about alien spaceships - most of the time these strange objects are nothing but planes, clouds, birds, balloons, etc. and have perfectly logical explanations.

However, every now and then a sighting pops up that is scientifically unexplained... and that's where the alien word seems to be the only possible explanation.

Nonetheless, although thousands of people around the world claim to have witnessed these sightings, it's still rare to see someone like a governor to come forth and talk about it.

As reported by CNN:
Former Arizona Governor Fife Symington will be moderating a November 12 event at the National Press Club where he will discuss the Phoenix Lights incident. He says he will be joined by 14 former high-ranking military and government officials from seven countries who will share evidence from what they call their own UFO experiences and investigations.
In the governor's own words:

I witnessed a massive delta-shaped, craft silently navigate over Squaw Peak, a mountain range in Phoenix, Arizona. It was truly breathtaking. I was absolutely stunned because I was turning to the west looking for the distant Phoenix Lights.

To my astonishment this apparition appeared; this dramatically large, very distinctive leading edge with some enormous lights was traveling through the Arizona sky.

As a pilot and a former Air Force Officer, I can definitively say that this craft did not resemble any man-made object I'd ever seen. And it was certainly not high-altitude flares because flares don't fly in formation.

The "flares" explanation was the one stated by Air Force when they claimed responsibility about the incident.

But as the Symington puts it:

I was never happy with the Air Force's silly explanation. There might very well have been military flares in the sky that evening, but what I and hundreds of others saw had nothing to do with that.

We want the government to stop putting out stories that perpetuate the myth that all UFOs can be explained away in down-to-earth conventional terms. Investigations need to be re-opened, documents need to be unsealed and the idea of an open dialogue can no longer be shunned.

What we can be sure is that, every now and then, this type of sighting is witnessed by hundreds or thousand of witness, just like the Chicago's O'Hare International Airport sighting, nearly one year ago.

Can this be the first step to take us close to an answer - at last?

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