Friday, June 6, 2008

GoDaddy Discount Coupons

Just got this discount offer from GoDaddy, so... if you happen to need one, enjoy it! :)

(I just wish I had such a discount code one week ago when I registered a lot of domains!)

[Constantly Updated]

gdr924y - 30% discount, expires September 27, 2009

gdp0609t - 20%* discount, expires June 8, 2008
gdp0635v - 25% OFF on orders over $75, expires June 22.
gdp0611z - 30% OFF .com domains, expires June 30, 2008 (GoDaddy)
gdp0616c -15% off, expires July 3, 2008.
gdp0716s -30% off, on .net domains expires July 31, 2008.
gdp0726v - 25% off .com domains expires July 31, 2008.
gdp0738s- 15% off any order, expires August 3rd, 2008.
gdp1148ab- 20% off over $70 expires Dec 1st, 2008. (GoDaddy)
gdp1208r- 20% off over $65 expires Dec 7th, 2008.

Other codes that usually work:
chill1, chill2, chill3


  1. Hi there,

    Check out ashoppy dot com. It's also a good source of online coupons.


  2. These ones work for me every time and don't seem to have expiry dates:

    EMMA9 (register a .com domain for $7.49)
    EMMA25 (25% off orders over $100)
    EMMA8 (20% off orders over $50)
    EMMA7 (10% off)

  3. When you say free coupons, you are almost using an oxymoron. I say that because people have come to expect that a coupon by its very nature not only would but should be free. If it weren't, people would more than likely avoid using it.


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