Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Enhance your 404 non-existing page

Don't you just hate it when you get to a meaningless 404 web page? You might have mistyped the URL, or maybe the page was renamed... no matter what, web surfers have little patience for it and will leave your site without second thought.


You can easily code a much friendlier "404" page that will help your readers find the right page.

For that, we'll use a freely available script from Google.

Jamie receives the link www.example.com/activities/adventurecruise.html in an email message. Because of formatting due to a bad email client, the URL is truncated to www.example.com/activities/adventur
As a result it returns a 404 page. 
With the 404 widget added, however, she could instead see the following:

Just head up to Google Webmaster Tools and check the "Enhance 404 pages" to find the widget you'll need to add to your 404 page.

(No need to say you can easily change its appearance to make it look exactly like you want.)

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